Sober Living & Rehab Facility Bed Bug Extermination

Sober Living Bed Bug ExterminationDo you suspect you may have bed bugs at your sober living or rehab facility? We are a licensed and insured bed bug exterminator offering guaranteed treatments across Arizona.

With 8,000+ bed bug treatments across the Valley, we have the expertise and background to eradicate bed bug infestations in sober living and rehab facilities. For immediate service for a bed bug infestation, call 623-888-8190.

As soon as you have detected or have a report from a staff member that a bed bug may have been spotted, you should immediately inspect all rooms and beds of any evidence of bed bugs. You can also contact us if you’d like to have professionals perform a bed bug inspection for you.

The last thing you want to do if you’ve detected a bed bug infestation is leaving it untreated. This will only cause bed bugs to spread to more rooms and parts of your facility. You could also develop a bad reputation if your sober living or rehab facility is known as being infested with bed bugs.

Due to the chemical resistance that bed bugs have developed over time, you won’t be able to get rid of an infestation using store-bought chemicals. Use of these chemicals will actually spread them further into hiding and make it more difficult and costly to treat.

Bed Bug Treatments for Sober Living & Rehabs

We offer two types of bed bug treatments – a heat treatment or professional-grade chemical/pesticide treatment. Both are 100% effective and guaranteed to work.

Option #1 – Bed Bug Heat Treatment

With just one treatment, instnatly eliminates all bed bugs and eggs – 100% success rate. All stages of bed bugs including adults, nymphs, and eggs are exterminated.

Option #2 – Chemical/Pesticide Treatment

In most cases, takes up to 30 days to eliminate an entire bed bug infestation. Bed bug eggs must hatch and come in contact with our professional-grade chemical/pesticide.

For complete peace of mind and guaranteed removal of ALL bed bugs, we offer a 1-year warranty with our heat treatment, and up to a 6-month warranty with our bed bug chemical treatments.

Bed Bug Inspection for Sober Living & Rehab Facilities

At the moment that you’ve received a report of a potential bed bug infestation, you should immediately take care of the issue. A professional bed bug exterminator will be able to assess your infestation by providing a bed bug inspection.

If bed bugs are found during the inspection, you will receive an estimate for the two types of bed bug treatments offered.

When left untreated, bed bugs will quickly spread to other areas of your sober living and rehab facility which can lead to unhappy patients and staff.

For the best bed bug extermination services across Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, and surrounding areas, contact us at (623) 888-8190.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bed Bugs

Q: Where are bed bugs often found?
A: Besides the mattress and box spring, bed bugs can also be found in many fabric areas such as curtains, as well as dressers, nightstands, baseboards, clothes, and more.

Q: Will I need to get rid of any furniture?
A: No it is not necessary to get rid of any of your furniture. However, if bed bugs have left spotting on your bed from their digested blood, you may want to get a new mattress or a bed bug cover.

Q: Are your bed bug treatments safe?
A: Yes, both treatments are safe for humans and pets. We are a licensed bed bug professional and all of our Bed Bug Experts are trained and also licensed applicators.

Q: What is the BEST treatment to get rid of bed bugs?
A: The absolute best treatment for bed bugs is a heat treatment. This is because it provides instant relief from all bed bug bites. With just one day, all bed bug and eggs will be eliminated. The other option, a chemical/pesticide treatment, will take up to 30 days to eliminate an entire infestation.


Bed Bug Customer Testimonials

I wish I could give ten stars! Excellent service, professional, and knowledgeable. I would say that I’d love doing business again but i don’t want these bugs again. Thanks Anthony!

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Sincerely, Bianca C.


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